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Friends of

  • Stephen Giterman vintage flashlight and flashlight battery repair, please see this Microsoft Word document for vintage flashlight repair services offered by collector and historian Stephen Giterman.
  • Kyp-Go, Inc., The oscillating filament bulb is referred to as the balafire bulb. That bulb gained in popularity in the 70's when it was showcased in a Seven-Up commercial. Though that particular bulb is no longer manufactured, new exicting versions of the bulb are now produced (by hand) in limited quantities.
  •, Vintage radios, tubes, parts, telephones, televisions, light bulbs, phonographs, and other electro-mechanical devices.
  • Sundial Wire, Sundial Wire supplies new cloth-covered wire, which is custom-manufactured to replicate vintage electrical wire. Many styles, colors, gauges. Plugs also. Antiques restorers and movie industry professionals come to us for electrical wire that is safe and authentic, but tailored to their specific requirements.
  • The incandescent sculptures of Dylan Kehde Roelofs.
  • Antique Fan Collector's Association, "The AFCA is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of an important part of history. Antique fans, whether they be water, air, electric or alcohol powered are excellent examples of the industrial, technological and stylistic advancement of modern culture."
  • Antique Lighting Webring, "The Antique Lighting Webring is for anyone who is interested in antique lighting. Websites include clubs, homepages or commercial sites primarily dedicated to the study and collecting of historic lighting."
  • Electrical Contractor Network, "The Electrical Contractor Network is committed to providing Information and Services for, and about the Electrical Industry."
  • Kilokat's Blog, Computer tech blog (nothing bulb related here).
  • Livermore's Centennial Light, "Homepage devoted to the Longest burning Light Bulb in history."
  • Physics Hypertextbook, "Read it if you want to learn more about physics. Read it if you need to learn more about physics to achieve some other end. Read it if you are curious about physics or enjoy science in general. It's an interesting diversion and you just might learn something in the process. Certainly no harm can come from any of these objectives."
  • Television History - The First 75 Years, "One of the greatest 20th century inventions. Learn about the history of TV-set design, development and marketing."
  • Toaster Museum, History, pictures, and information about antique toasters.


Incandescent / discharge lamp collector sites

Historical information, theory of electric lighting

  • A Century of Illumination, The history of Osram & Sylvania, NILCO, Hygrade, and the company's involvement with recycling light bulbs.
  • Achilles De Khotinsky 1850-1933, A historical perspective of Russian electrical inventor Achilles De Khotinsky, in Dutch.
  • Don Klipstein's Light, Lamp, and Strobe Site.
  • Elihu Thomson Papers, " An electrical engineer, inventor, and entrepreneur, Elihu Thomson was an innovator in electrification in both a technical and corporate sense. With interests that ranged from the technical (electrical meters, high-pressure steam engines, dynamos, generators) to scientific (fused quartz optics, X-rays), Thomson acquired over 70o patents in his career, and in 1882, founded one of the early electrical corporations in the United States, the Thomson-Houston Company, which merged with the Edison Electric Company in 1892 to form the General Electric Company."
  • La lampe à Incandescence, French site, by Pierre Dessapt, outlining the history of the incandescent lamp inlcuding many lamp photographs.
  • Lighting a Revolution, This Smithsonian site explores the history of inventing electric lights. The process of invention demands more than "inspiration and perspiration." Inventors build on prior knowledge. Success not only means making an invention work, but also convincing others to use it, and facing competitors. Finally, inventions can bring consequences unforeseen by the inventor.
  • Osram GEC Photo Archive, "Osram GEC Ltd, was located on the GEC Estate in East Lane Wembley. Now all that remains of the vast complex are the buildings that once housed the training centre and engineering workshops where the production equipment was made these buildings are now the home to a Bus company. Most of the huge factory was demolished in the mid 90's and the once beautiful sports fields and social club are now housing estates. In its heyday the whole Wembley estate was dedicated to the art of making Light Bulbs..."
  • Thomas A. Edison Papers, The Thomas A. Edison Papers is a documentary editing project sponsored by Rutgers , The State University of New Jersey, the National Park Service, the Smithsonian Institution, and the New Jersey Historical Commission.
  • Tungsten Wire History, as presented by Midwest Tungsten Service.
  • Weston Electrical Instrument Corporation, This informative site deals with the history of Edward Weston and the Weston Electrical Instrument Corporation including his involvement with the incandescent lamp during the 1880s.

Museums and collections featuring antique lighting


Christmas / Holiday

  • MT's Lights, Collector Frank Wysong's website dedicated to vintage Christmas lighting.


Antique radios

Vacuum tube collector sites